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ShikamiNara Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2008
i like this one the most cuz i was born in april!! Go aries!!!!:boogie:
Kittiena Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008   Digital Artist
x3 i like this one a lot!
april is the month my birthday is in! yay
Chibi-Sugar Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2008
Like I promised I would comment on something in you gallery.
As far as I understood, you preferred to get comments on you calendar wallpapers, so I choose this one to comment on, because it doesn’t have any comments yet.

Calendar-wallpapers, I must say, the idea is very nice.
To make it practical as an wallpaper, I suggest you keep some space for icons, and for vista-users also some space on the right for the gadgets.
You made it look very neat, I especially like the font.

When I was taking a closer look at the calendar part, I noticed something, from Saturday 25 you go to Tuesday 26.

The silhouettes you used are pretty cool, So guess it would be fair if I said something about all 12 :D

January : Nice one, good to start of with.

February: Interesting, it seems to have some movement in it.

March: Very different from the other, personally I like the others better, because it’s a silhouette I miss the details a bit here.

April: Nice too, it’s a pretty dynamic pose.

May: A bit the same as March, although I do like this one better than the one from March, it’s especially the little pink behind the leg that lays down that saves it for me.

June: Nice because of the hair their seems to be movement in her pose, which makes it interesting.

July: I personally don’t really like this one, it’s to static.

August: Different from the formers ones because you didn’t use full body, this is one of my favourites now. It seems to have some more details than the others, especially those little chains between her legs are great!

September: a lot like august, maybe a bit to much, none or less, I still like it, because this one also has some more details.

October: Nice one, pretty dynamic pose.

November: Maybe a bit to much like August and September, except for that it’s really nice.

December: I love the hair and the movement in this one.

Just one more tip: I see you saved your images as .jpg it’s better to save it as .png, png is a bit bigger, but it will keep it all more smooth and clear.
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